Tucson Family Acupuncture

Lauren Phillips, LAc, MSOM


I discovered Chinese Medicine 17 years ago when I suffered from debilitating menstrual pains and migraines. I began seeing an acupuncturist and was amazed at how much my pain was reduced and how much less severe and frequent my headaches were. I was also impressed by something I didn’t expect: how much better I felt overall. I slept better, I had more energy, my mood was calm and my digestion was better than ever.  
I finished my B.A. in French and then decided to take the plunge and attend acupuncture school in 2008. I graduated in 2012 with a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from the prestigious Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California. This 4-year, intensive program consisted of 3,300 hours of Chinese Medicine and Western Medical education, with 1,000 hours being devoted to clinical internships. Studying under several reputable doctors from both China and Japan, I learned traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as Japanese-style painless needle techniques. I also received extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine, including safety and Western drug–herb interactions.  

My treatment approach focuses on the patient’s unique overall health picture. I always gather the necessary information to form the proper diagnosis so that I can provide the best treatment and achieve the most successful outcomes. Because of this, most of my patients see great improvements in not only their main health concern(s), but also in their overall well-being. I have a very gentle needle style, and I create an environment that is both safe and relaxing; in fact, unlike at a doctor’s office, most of my patients never want to leave because they are so relaxed.

It is also part of my treatment style to educate patients by answering questions and clearly explaining my findings and their progress. I feel that by empowering patients to be part of their own wellness process, we can work as a team to achieve the most effective results. I often counsel patients on changes they can make, in the way of lifestyle and nutrition, to optimize their health.

In addition to acupuncture, I frequently prescribe Chinese herbs for patients who I feel will benefit from them. Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful way to enhance healing. By combining herbs and acupuncture, I am able to treat both the branch (symptoms) as well as the root causes of illness or disharmony, with little or no side effects. While herbs are natural, they are also potent medicine, which is why I use the highest quality of herbs available and I always take my time to ensure that the herbs I have chosen are appropriate for my patient.

I am nationally certified by the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), am licensed in the state of Arizona, and have passed the California Acupuncture Board exam, the most rigorous acupuncture certification in the nation. 

I am so pleased to enjoy a career that allows me to share the healing power I’ve found in acupuncture with others. I still get migraines, but far less often, and I have learned how to manage them naturally. I rarely need medication for my monthly pains. When I am not helping others feel their best, I enjoy reading a great book, spending time with my sweet husband and fluffy dog, cooking, playing music and traveling.